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Teams in the Leinster Leagues 2013

Heidenfeld Trophy players

  • Brian
  • Airidas
  • Barry
  • Paul
  • Tom
  • John
  • Michael
  • Sean
  • Martin

Brian GallaherBrian Gallagher right arrow
Brian learned to play after Fisher/Spassky match in 1972. Joined Collegians in 1980s and played in their Armstrong team. He then developed an interest in Go (a game invented in ancient China but now hugely popular in Japan and Korea). He played twice in the World Amateur Go Championships in Japan. Stopped playing Go in 2009 and returned to Chess in 2011, joining Naomh Barróg.

Airidas Tolkus left arrow Airidas Tolkus
Airidas started playing for his school chess club in Lithuania when he was seven years old. Played board 1 for the school chess team and was always in the top three for the school championships. Moved to Limerick Chess Club in 2007 and then to Naomh Barróg in 2010. Won 2011 Dublin City Open.

Barry PlummerBarry Plummer right arrow
Barry started with Aer Lingus Chess Club in 1990 and moved to Malahide in 1996. Took a break from chess from 2001 to 2007 when he started with Naomh Barróg.



Paul O'Neillleft arrow Paul O'Neill
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Tom CollinsTom Collins right arrow
Tom learned to play in 1971. Co-founded The Printers Chess Club in 1972. Played in that club's teams up to Armstrong level. Took a break in 1985. Resumed playing in 2009 with Naomh Barróg.
Photo: receiving a grading prize in 2010 Dublin City Open.

John Whelanleft arrow John Whelan
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Michael O'DwyerMichael O'Dwyer right arrow
Michael started playing in mid 1980s at Trinity Chess Club. Then moved to Naomh Barróg in 2005. Currently Club Treasurer.



Sean Waldron left arrow Sean Waldron
Sean learned to play in Holland when he was working in Utrecht (1980-88). Chess is particularly popular in Dutch pubs. Joined a club there that met on Tuesday nights and participated in their ladder competition. Then spent two years working in Sudan and returned to Ireland 1991. He was watching one of his children playing football for Naomh Barróg one Saturday when he noticed a Naomh Barróg chess team playing a competition match. Decided there and then to re-hone his chess skills.

Martin MolloyMartin Molloy right arrow
Martin started playing chess in 1973 in Kilbarrack Chess Club where Michael Crow coached him. Had a break from playing from 1980 to 2004 when he returned to play with Naomh Barróg. Currently Chairperson of the Club. Teaches 20+ children aged 6 to 13 on Monday nights at the Club from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This year they entered a team in the Leinster Novices Tournament.

BEA Cup players

  • Andrew
  • Austin
  • Harry
  • Alan
  • Suzzane

Andrew O’Brien left arrow Andrew O'Brien
Andrew learned the moves when he was six years old. Played school chess when attending Larkhill School in Whitehall. After leaving school he only played social chess. Then on a recent trip to New York found himself in a district with many chess equipment and chess book shops. A lot of browsing later, his interest in chess reawakened, he joined Naomh Barróg when he returned to Dublin. Enjoyed his first exposure to competitive chess in the recent Dublin City Open and he's looking forward to playing in the winter leagues.

Austin BlakeAustin Blake right arrow
Austin learned the moves when his sailor brother brought home an ivory chess set from his travels. Started competitive chess in Trinity Chess Club in 1991. Moved to Airfield in 1997 and then to Naomh Barróg in 2004. Enjoys tournament play. Fond memories of his first tournament in 1992 when the Zonal was held in Dublin.

Harry Howardleft arrow Harry Howard
Harry started club chess playing for Portmarnoch in 1993. Moved to Airfield Chess Club in 1996 and then to Naomh Barróg in 2005.



Alan CorcoranAlan Corcoran right arrow
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Suzzane Barryleft arrow Suzzane Barry
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Bodley Cup players

  • John
  • John
  • Pat

John Carrol John Carrol right arrow
John started playing in the 1990s with the Phibsboro Chess Club. He stayed with them for 4 years then moved to Trinity Chess Club in 2000. Joined Naomh Barróg in 2004 and has played with them since. Won the Braille Chess Minor Championship in 2002.

John Fordeleft arrow John Forde
John started playing with Darndale chess club in 1978 and stayed there until 2005 when he moved to Naomh Barróg.


Pat StackPat Stack right arrow
Pat hasn't played since he learned the moves in school where Paul Delaney used frequently beat him. Again, looking forward to competitive chess next season.


  • Sean
  • Katherine
  • Ciaran
  • Conor

Sean O'Neillleft arrow Sean O'Neill
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Katherine Bolger Katherine Bolger right arrow
Katherine has been playing chess for 3 years. Her younger brother also plays and her mother plays for Portmarnoch chess club. She recently played in the Irish Junior Championship, scoring two out of six and was placed 3rd in the Leinster Junior Championship. Her preferred opening is e4.

Ciaran Bolgerleft arrow Ciaran Bolger
Ciaran was five years old when Martin Molloy taught how to play chess. He's now been playing for 3 years.
He has played in the Irish Junior Championships and in three Leinster tournaments. His sister Katherine also plays chess and just a little bit better than Ciaran ("at the moment"). e4 is his favourite opening and intends to become Irish Champion (pretty soon).

Conor McDonaldConor McDonald right arrow
Conor was taught to play by his father. Played for a couple of weeks in Portmarnock. Mostly played with a friend on Tuesdays but this friend has gone to Canada so he looked up chess clubs on Google and Naomh Barrog suited the bill.


Bodley Substitutes

  • Clare
  • John
  • Patrick
  • Gerry

Clare Gallagherleft arrow Clare Gallagher
Clare learned to play chess four years ago when she was eight years old. She joined the Naomh Barróg Junior Section and this year is expecting to play in some LCU winter league games. Her brother Mark (resting from chess while sitting his Leaving Certificate this year) is a strong Naomh Barróg player. Though she plays frequently with Mark, she has yet to defeat him at chess. In the future she would like to compete in the Irish Women's Chess Championship but, first things first, she's going to beat that brother.

John O’Driscoll John O'Driscoll right arrow
John learned to play in school when he was 12. Joined Old Kilbarrack Chess Club in 1978/9. Then had a break from chess and then moved to Elm Mount in 1987. In 1994 started a chess club in Raheny. Another break in 1997 and then joined Naomh Barróg in 2005. Currently Club Junior (under 1200) Champion.

Paddy Doyleleft arrow Paddy Doyle
Paddy started playing with Kevin Barry Chess Club in 1966. Took a break in 1969 and resumed playing 2004 when he joined Naomh Barróg. Looking forward to fulfilling the early promise he displayed.


Gerry BarryGerry Barry right arrow
Gerry learned to play 20 years ago in a pub called Sunset. It wasn't a chess club, just a couple of friends teaching each other. Stopped playing after about 6 months and decided to join Naomh Barróg after recently seeing our website (in 2012).






































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