Records dating From 1910 to 1924

The following records were transcribed from They relate to the Iveragh peninsula in particular Fermoyle,Ballinskelligs,Portmagee, Valentia,Aghort;The Glen and Caherciveen

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No Name Sex Age Status Nationality Home Town,Relation at home,Relation in US,Address

Philadelphia,Feb 24, 1910
0012.Connell, Bartholomew M 30y S Irish,moth Mary,Valentia,sis Kate,650 park ave,also wrtn cous Jon Harrington,7 fultin st,NYBridgeport,CT

Saint Louis,Apr 07, 1910 Cherbourg
0020.  Shea, John M 50y M Irish bro J,James Shea,Cappanagrown,mastergeeha bro Mich SHea ,Scranton st, New Haven,CT
0021.  Shea, Mary F 35y M Irish Cahircween,                                           bro in law
0022.  Shea, Nellie F 13y S Irish Cahircween,                                         Uncle
0023.  Sheaa, Michael M 11y S Irish Cahircween,                                 same add
0024.  Shea, Bridget F 10y S Irish Cahircween, 
0025.  Shea, Minnie F 9y S Irish Cahircween, 
0026.  Shea, John M 7y S Irish Cahircween, 
0027.  Shea, Katie F 6y S Irish Cahircween,
0028.  Shea, Hannah F 5y S Irish Cahircween,
0029.  Shea, Daniel M 2y S Irish Cahircween,
*John Shea in the US before 10yrs ago in San Francisco

Carmania,May 01, 1910 Queenstown
 0001.  Shea, Johanna F 20 S Irish Cahrciveen,fath Tim SHea,lative, sis Mary SHea & bro Patrk,53 Granite St,New London,CT
 0002.  Golden, Hannah F 20 S Irish Cahrciveen,fath Thomas Golden,ballinablown, sis Nellie GOlden,734 Orange st,New Haven,CT
 0004.  Kelly, Michael M 24 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Danl Kelly,kiladreelig, bro Tim Kelly,3818 Sth Hals?d st,Chicago

Carmania,May 01, 1910 Queenstown
 0008.  Sugrue, Patrick M 17 S Irish,fath John Sugrue,portmagee, Cacirciveen, Uncle Patrk D Sullivan, Whiting,Indiana
 0009.  Falvey, Eileen F 18 S Irish,fath David Falvey,Reencaheragh, sis Mary Falvey,121 Cambridge Place, Brookyln,NY
 0010.  NeIL, Minnie F 19 S Irish moth Mary NeIL,Reencaheragh,Aunt Ellen Fenton,29 Waldon Ave , New London,CT
 0011.  Sullivan, Nora F 19 S Irish fath Mich Sullivan,ohermong, Aunt Nora Sullivan,123 Michigan Ave, Chicago,IL
 0012.  Smith, John M 27 S Irish,fath Thos Smith,Rivenue,  Cahirciveen,bro Jas Smith,57 Glenwood Ave,New London,CT             
 0013.  Lynch, John M 26 S American moth Mrs Lynch,moyrisk,portmagee,sis Mrs Sheehan,750 S Washington Ave,Chicago, IL.
 0014.  Lynch, Nora F 26 S American ,here before John in 1903,Nora in 1904 both in1909        same as above.
 0018.  O'Connor, Nora F 20 S Irish fath Jeremiah O Connor,Coars,Cahirciveen, bro Pat O Connor,2215 W 13th st Chicago,IL
 0019.  Shea, Daniel M 20 S Irish fath pat SHea,coom,Cahirciveen ,sis Mary Shea,2839 W Polk St, Chicago,IL

Carmania ,May 01, 1910 Queenstown    
 0011.  Sullivan, Margaret F 19 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Martin Sullivan,sussa,bro Pat Sullivan,661 Washington st,New York
 0012.  Connell, Minnie F 19 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Patrick Connell ,carhan,sis Bridie Connell,570 Mastenaw st,Chicago,IL
 0013.  Connor, Nora F                   nothing written
 0014.  O'Leary, Michael M 30 S          nothing written
 0015.  Clifford, Jerry M 26 S Irish Cahirciveen,moth KAte Clifford,knuckeen sis Mrs Mary Templeton,1257 Wastinaw Ave,Chicago,IL
 0016.  Daly, Patrick M 3 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Micheal DaLy,tureen,glen, cous Pat Daly, 6 Tyler st,Worchester,MA
 0017.  Foley, Janes M 24 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Mich Foley,Kilaboona, bro Mich Foley,212 Vermont ave,Detroit,Mich
 0018.  Smith, Minnie F 24 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath James Smith,rathkieran,glen, cous Mich Foley  same as above
 0019.  Connor, Michael M 22 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Jeremiah Connor,lateeve, bro Pat Connor, 4233 Oakenwald Ave,Chicago,IL
 0020.  Murphy, Mary F 18 S Irish Cahirciveen,aunt Catherine McCarthy,doora, Mrs Marg Devine,15 Jefferson AVe,New London,CT
 0021.  Brennan, Jerry M 24 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Michaek Brennan,glen,cous Mrs Ellie O'NeIL,103 Warren st.west,Brigton,Staten Isl
 0022.  Curran, Michael M 21 S Irish Cahirciveen,bro Pat Curran ,sis Mrs Abbie Murphy,51 Jefferson AVe,New London,CT
 0023.  Sullivan, Michael M 20 S Irish Cahirciveen, fath Patrick SUllivan, tureen,glen ,bro John Sullivan   “        “
 0024.  Reardon, James M 28 S American  moth Bridg Reardon,dogmount,sis Mrs Mary Sullivan,,223 Blakele Ave, New Haven,CT
 0025.  Sullivan, Denis M 28 S Irish Cahirciveen,father JOhnSullivan,ducalla ,bro Pat Sullivan,44 Ashland Glor?,Chicago,IL
 0026.  Sullivan, Michael M 23 S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Danl Sullivan,Fermoyle sis Minnie Sullivan,Crocker House,New London,CT
 0027.  Sullivan, Minnie F 18 S Irish Bahirciveen,fath E Sullivan,Dogmount,cous Nellie Sullivan,234 Whalley AVe, New Haven,CT
 0028.  Foley, Ellis F 20 S Irish Cahrciveen, moth Ellen Foley,reencaheragh,Aunt Mrs Cath Dwyer,27 winthorn st,New London,CT
 0029.  HILiard, Margaret F 19 S Irish Cahrciveen,fath John HILiard,dogmount,sis Mary HILiard,73 Grove St, New Haven,CT
 0030.  O'Shea, Michael M 23 S Irish Cahrciveen,moth Mary OSHea,kILurly,bro Tim OShea,2604 W 15th,Chicago,IL

Baltic,May 08, 1910 Queenstown
 0008.  Falvey, Hannah F 20y S Irish fath John Falvey,lower tennis,valentia,Caherciveen,sis Mary Falvey,56 pine st, Holyoke,MA
 0009.  Sugone, Annie F 25y S Irish fath Patk Sugrue,corsbeg,Caherciveen,sis Mary Sugrue,63 west 88th st,NY
 0010.  Murphy, Patrick M 26y S ,Irish , fath Philip Murphy,Cools,Knightstown,cous ANdrew Kennedy,383 washington st,SomervILe,MA
 0011.  Brennan, Augustine M 25y S Irish fath James Brennan,Bernbane,WatervILe,bro James Brennan,76 Baric st,NY

The Lusitania ,Jun 03, 1910 Queenstown
0007.  Sullivan, John M 24y S Irish Cahir...een, Ireland cous Mary Griffin,11 Johnson st,Waterbury,MA

The LUSITANIA ,Jun 03, 1910 Queenstown
0002.Casey,Hannah F 21y S Irish fath Martin Casey,Cahereween,unc Eug Clifford,2809 south park ave,chicago
0003.Coffey,Abbie F 20y S IrishfaTh Jerh Coffey,Ballydarrig,Cahirciveen bro Jim Coffey,1416 East 55th st,chicago,IL
0023.Downing, Maurice M 19y S Irish moth Margt Downing,Cahirciveen,sis Janie Downing,Bretton Hall,Broadway 86th st,NY
0024.Keating, Nora F 23y S Irish fath Denis Keating,Ohermong,Cahirciveen,bro John Keating,609 Bergen Ave,NY 
0025.Keating, Denis M 22y S Irish Cahirciveen,    "                "      "                     "
0026.Murphy, Bridget F 19y S,Irish,fath Patrk Murphy,gortnagree,Cahirciveen,sis Mrs D Murphy,15 southst,louis ave, Chic,IL
0027.Lyne, Timothy M 22y S Irish fath Pat Lyne,Filemore,Cahirciveen,bro Jerh Lyne,422 sS Claremont ave,Chicago,IL
0028.Sullivan, Katie F 23y S Irish fath Mi Sullivan,Cahirciveen,cous Bride Lynch,Greenmere,Rosebank,staten Is,NY

Cedric, Jul 17, 1910 Queenstown
 0004.  Dennehey, Deborah F 18y S, Irish Cahercwein,fath Patrk Denney, Ireland sis Tynan,263 W 11th st,NY

The Lusitania ,Sep 22, 1910 Queenstown
0018.  Murphy, Daniel F 13y S fath Patrk Murphy,watervILe,Cahireiveen, bro John Murphy,95 wadein st, Hartford,CT
0019.  Hallisy, Patrick M 29y S fath James Hallisy,gortalea,Cahireiveen, cous "     "
0020.  Sheehan, Timothy M 22y S fath Daniel Sheehan,coomavohir,Cahireiveen,cous Mr O Connor,127 ALbany ave,hartford,CT
0029.  Connell, Hannah F 21y S fath Maur Connell,Carabeg, Cahircuieen,cous J Cremin ,104 Barum Ave,bridgeport,CT
0030.  Murphy, Hannah F 20y S gmother Mrs M NeIL,Cooramore, Cahircuieen, Uncle John NeIL,Ell?itt Buffo? W 144th NY

Caronia,September 27, 1910 Queenstown
0024.Keating,Michael M 22y S ,Irish Cahirciveen,fath micheal keating,gurrane,cous Bridg keating,2 Fulton St,NY
0025.Sullivan,Patrick M 25y S,Irish Cahirciveen,fath Micheal Sullivan,emlaghmore,sis Mrs ADicker(Hurst)lightly wrt,42 Richmon st,Newark,NJ
0026.McCarthy, Bridget F 29y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,father John mcCarthy,cahirciveensis Kate Gilmartin,450 Kosouth st,bridgeport,CT
0027.Connell, Nora F 19y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,father Micheal Connell,kildreelig,sis Mary Connell ,9 PembertonSt,Waterbury,CT
0028.Moriarty, Margaret F 20y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,father Florence Moriarty,glen,cahirciveen,sis Nora Moriarty,606 west 116st,NY

Celtic,OCT 02, 1910 Queenstown
0029.  Sugorie, Mary F 21y S  Irish fath James Sugrue,Meelaguleen,Cahercineen,Aunt Mrs Abbie Sigerson,44 Arch st, Nangatuck,CT
0030.  McCarthy, Mary F 26y S Irish Chicago, US citizen fath Math McCarthy,Fermoyle,sis Brgt McCarthy,170 Cherry ST, Nangatuck,CT

The Lusitania ,OCT 08, 1910 Queenstown
0024.  OSullivan , Patrick E. M 36 Y S US Citizen New Haven 697/677 Congress ave, New Haven,CT

Arabic ,OCT 17, 1910 Queenstown
 0012.  Golden, Katie F 19y S , Irish Cahercveen,fath Tim Golden,dennen?cous Mrs Mary Pewsio,587 Temew st,holyoke,MA
 0013.  Hussey, Catherine F 19y S British, Irish Cahercveen,fath Mich Hussey,Portmagee,NY ,sis Brgt Hussey, 331 wst,83rd st,NY
 0014.  Hussey, Nora F 21y S , Irish Cahercveen,

The CARONIA ,OCT 30, 1910
0003.Daly, Patrick M 23y S ,Irish fath Con DAly,Cahirciveen,cous Mrs ? Carey,765 Washington st,NY
0013.O'Sullivan, Julia F 32y S,Irish moth Mary OSullivan,Bracargh,Caherdaniel,Unc Patk OSullivan,578 Broonce ST,NY
0014.O'Sullivan, Thomas M 20y S , Irish Cahrdaniel,    same as above
0015.Prendergast, Maurice M 26y S , Irish fath John Prendergast,Caharleheen, sis Mrs Mary ??? Ma?on,Carton,IL
* Julia here before in 1894,1909 Waterbury,CT

Baltic ,March 06, 1911 Queenstown
Sullivan, John M 24y S,mason, British Irish Cahir, Ireland ,father James,mountain rd,cahir,sister Mary Brady,451? east,82 NY

Carmania,Apr 19, 1911 Queenstown
0009.Carey, Katie F 21y S Irish Cahirciveen,sis Mrs Mary Connell,109 Pleasant st,WILimantic,CT
0010.Connor, Timothy M 24y S Irish Valentia Isl,cous Mrs Sheehan,750 S Pleasant Ave,Chicago,Il
0011.O'Leary, Patrick M 23y S Irish Valentia Island,sis MrsJohnKeane,885 Brook Ave,NY
0012.O'Connell, John M 23y S Irish Valentia Island,sis HannahOConnell,256 W Thames st,norwich,CT
0013.Sheehan, Daniel M 22y S Irish WatervILe, unc patk sheehan,4404 Rutger st, St louis,Mo

The Baltic ,May 01, 1911 Queenstown
0026.  Sheehan, Thomas M 24y S  Irish Cahirciveen,fath John Sheehan,bro James Sheehan,833 Amsterdam Ave,NY
0027.  Fitzpatrick, Thomas M 25y S Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mrs Fitzpatrick,dungeagan,cous John F Sullivan,134 Cliff st,Naugatuck,CT
0030.  Sullivan, John M 22y S , Irish Aghatubrid,  fath J Sullivan,tullig,aghatubrid,bro Mich Sullivan,709,8th ave,NY

Baltic,May 01, 1911 Queenstown
0029.  Moriarty, James M 22y S , Irish WatervILe, father J Moriarty ,caherdaniel, watervILe,idaho boise city

Caronia May 03, 1911 Queenstown
0001.NeIL,Timothy M 21y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Micheal NeIL,kILurly east,bro Martin,103 Warren st,NY
0002.Sullivan,Patrick M 26y S Irish Cahirciveen,moth MAry Sullivan,faha theglen,sis Mary Sullivan,2080 North Ave
0003.Shea,Michael M 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,aunt Mrs J Sugrue,moyrish,glen cous Gerry Connell,13 walnut st,  New Haven,CT
0004.Shea,Patrick M 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath John Shea,rathkerin sis Ellie O Shea, 447w 59th st,NY 
0005.Golden,Thomas M 30y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Thomas Golden,ballinablown, cous Gerry Connell,13 walnut st,
0006.McCarthy,Daniel M 28y S Irish Bridgeport, U.S.A.fath Daniel McCarthy kilabouna, cous Mary Moran, 401 myrtle ave,Bridgeport,CT

The Carmania May 17, 1911 Queenstown
0025.  King, Ellie F 21y S British, Irish Cahirciveen, fath Jas King,clahanence,uncle jas walsh,box56,Jewett,CT
0026.  Coffey, John M 22y S British, Irish Caherciveen, fath JOhn Coffey,Bahan,sis Mrs Aherne,Charleston Place ,Yonkers,Ny
0027.  Shea, Mary F 23y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Tim SHea,caher,cous Mrs  Mary Brennan,6507 Bartimer ave,St Louis

The Baltic , May 28, 1911 Queenstown
0028.  Murphy, Maggie F 23y S  - Irish Cahirciveen fath Slyvester Murphy,Portmagee,cous Marh Kelliher,103, 3rd ave,Richmond,San Francisco

The BALTIC , May 28, 1911 Queenstown
0001.  Murphy, John M 22y S, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Patk Murphy,Cool East,Valentiacous delia OConnell,32 Fairmount st,new  london,CT

The Majestic ,May 31, 1911 Queenstown
0002 Dineen,Martin, M 24 S,fath Mich Dineen,Dogmount,Caherciveen,friend Danl Odonoghue,.220 East 34 st,Hatbush,Brooklyn, NY

The Baltic ,OCT 13, 1911 Queenstown
0010.  Murphy, Mary M 19 S Cahercween,fath John Murphy,?ulagh,portmagee,bro Patrk Murphy,box 373,Groton,CT

The BALTIC, OCT 13, 1911 Queenstown  
0005.O'Connell, Daniel M 28 S,fath Patk OCOnnell, Ballenskelligs,Aunt Mrs King,7 Atlantic st,Hartford,CT
0006.Sullivan, Margaret F 20 S,fath Patk SUllivan,Ballenskelligs,Bro John Sullivan,16 Jefferson Ave,New Londn
0007 Moran, Katie F 19 S ,fath John Moran,Ballenskelligs,Sis Minnie Moran,16 Jefferson Ave,New London
0008 Sullivan,Jesse C.,F 31 M,fath Patk Cronin?,Meeliguleen,Emlaghmore,husb John E SUllivan,16 Jefferson Ave,NL

The Celtic ,OCT 21, 1911 Queenstown
 0030.  Murphy, Minnie F 21y S Irish moth Kate, Caheraveen,Uncle Charlie Murphy,67 Jones ave,Bridgeport,CT

Celtic,OCT 21, 1911 Queenstown
0011.  Murphy, Mary F 19y S  Irish Cahereween,fath John Murphy,Portmagee,bro Patrick Murphy box 373,,Groton,CT
0016.  Bradie, Julia F 24y S  Irish Cahereween,moth Mrs Bradley,Dromod, sis Mrs Casey,4230 west Sturien? st,Chicago
0017.  Cunan, Kate F 19y S  Irish Cahereween,fath Mich Cunain,sis Abbu Cunann,4491 Park Ave,NY* Possibly Cremin
0018.  ODriscoll, Kathleen F 18y S Irish Cahereween,fath John O Driscoll,sis Annie O Driscoll,1881 Therd ave,NY

Campania,OCT 21, 1911 Queenstown
0005.  OSullivan, Daniel M 24y S, Irish Cahisciveen,moth Nora Sullivan,wife Nora O Sullivan,164 Walnut st,  New Haven,CT

The Celtic, OCT 21, 1911 Queenstown  
0002.  King, Jenny F 19y S Irish Cahuciveen,fath Maurice King,Kells,bro John King,8013 greenwich ave,NY
0013.  Sullivan, Margaret F 20y S British Irish Cahercween,fath Patrk SUllivan,firies,ballinskelligs,sis Cath Sullivan,38? ?inlliam st,New London,CT
0014.  Sullivan, Nora F 24y S British Irish Cahercween,fath John Sullivan,Reenro?,cahirciveen,sis Mrs John Furcell,9? Beach sst,Holyoke,MA
0015.  Moran, Katie F 19y S  Irish Ballinskellys,fath John Moran,Boulikeel,Ballinskelligs,sister Maurici Moran,167 Harrington st,New London,CT
0016.  OConnor, Bridie F 18y S  Irish Cahercween, fath Patk Connor,doleen,cahirciveen,aunt Mrs Patk Moran,24 Mount Avi,New London,CT
0017.  OConnell, Daniel M 28y S Irish Hartford, Con.,fath Patk O Connell,Ballinskelligs,bro Mannics O Connell,76 Atlantic Ave, Hartford,CT
0022.  Sullivan, Margaret F 20y S Irish Cahercween,fath Eugene Sullivan,caherciveen,sis Mary Sullivan,1501 Bradley st, New Haven,CT
0023.  Murphy, John M 20y S Irish Cahercween,bro Mich Murphy,cous Maryanne Divine, Jefferson ave,New LondonIreland
0024.  Devine, Julia F 20y S Irish Cahercween,moth Mrs Mary Divine,cous Mr Charlie Murphy,57 Jones ave,Bridgeport,CT ( sis in 65 lafayette ave)
0026.  Backerth, Mary F 35y M  Irish Calidarian, moth Bridget Shea,husband Backerth,65 trullau st,Orange,NJU.S.
0027.  Shea, Kate F 23y S  Irish Caluraveen,  U.S. bro in law
0028.  Shea, Ellie F 11y 9m S Irish Cahercween, Ireland sis bro in law

The Celtic ,OCT 21, 1911 Queenstown
0021.  Deneen, Nora F 26y S Irish Valentia,moth Mrs Nora Dineen,glanleam,New York
0022.  Deneen, Bridget F 19y S  Irish Valentia,
0023.  Lawler, Patrick M 27y S Irish Ballenskellys,fath James Lawlor,BRO eDWARD Lawlor,35 Pleasant st, Hartford,CT
0026.  ONeIL, Mary F 24y S  Irish NYC, USA G?rryamtine,Sneem,bro John O NeIL,105 East 69st,NY
0027.  OConnell, Mary F 17y S Irish Glenmore, Sneem, fath florence O'Connell,glenmore,cous John O NeIL,105 East 69st,NY

Caronia,Apr 07, 1912 Queenstown
 0025.  Walsh, Bridie F 21y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Patrk Walsh,kinnard east,sis Minnie Walsh,304 West,106 st,NY
 0026.  King, Catherine F 26y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Kate king,ballinskelligs,sis Julia King,299 Main st,wILimantic,CT
 0027.  King, Thomas M 25y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Kate king,ballinskelligs,sis Julia King,299 Main st,wILimantic ,CT

The Celtic Apr 20, 1912 Queenstown
0006.  King, Mary F 24y S Irish - British Cahercevce,Aunt Johanna King,164 Valley st,WILimantic,CT

The Caronia , Apr 29, 1912 Queenstown
0013.  O' Shea, Patrick M 33y S Irish Cahirciveen,moth Julia O Shea,Renard,Aunt Nora Keating ,316 Huntington Ave, New London,CT
0014.  Donohue, Mollie U     Irish  
0015.  DILon, Bridgie F 19y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath James DILon,Kinard west, sis Abbie DILon,216 Ronan st,  New Haven,CT
0016.  Curran, Timothy M 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Denis Curran,watervILe,sis Nora Curran,11 Oak st,So Manchester,MA
0017.  Corcoran, Martin M 18y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Patrk Corcoran, cous Nora Curran,11 Oak st, So Manchester,MA
0018.  Corcoran, Nora U     Irish Cahirciveen, Ireland                               cous Nora Curran,11 Oak st, So Manchester,MA
0019.  Clifford, Michael M 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,moth Bridget Clifford,sis Marian Clifford, 6322 Michigan ave,Chicago,IL
0020.  Corcoran, Mary F 30 M Irish Cahirciveen,husband Patk Clifford,Doora, niece Nora Curran
0021.  Dennehy, John M 23y S Irish Cahirciveen, fath John Dennehy, bro Thomas Dennehy, West 15th,Chicago,IL

Baltic  May 04, 1912 Queenstown 
0005. O'Leary, Jeremiah M 29y S Irish Caherciveen, uncle Con Leary,aghadda, bro Patrk Leary,388 Park Ave, Bridgeport,CT US citizen, 6yrs b4
0006. Leary, John M 22y S Gt. Britain Irish Caherciveen, fath Con Leary,aghadda ,sis Ellie Leary, 372 State ST, Bridgeport,CT
0007  Sullivan, Nellie F 30y S Gt. Britain Irish Doora, cous Nora Corcoran, cappawee cous Mary HILard ,73 Grove st, New Haven,CT ,US citizen 4

Baltic  May 04, 1912 Queenstown 
0011.  Sullivan, John M 27y S Gt. Britain Irish Ballinskellige, Ireland moth Margt,ballinskelligs,sis Ellen 6780 Johns/joseph av,bronx,NY

Carmania May 12, 1912 Queenstown
0010.  Sullivan, Nellie F 23y S Ireland, Cahirciveen, moth Winnie Flaherty,sis Mary O Sullivan,2080 North Ave, Bridgeport,CT
0015.  NeIL, John M 21y S Ireland, Cahirciveen,  fath Timothy NeIL, sis Kate Bowman, 14 thomson st, New Haven,CT
0016.  Golden, Katie F 22y S Ireland,Cahirciveen, fath Thomas Golden, sis Nellie Golden, 736 Orange St, New Haven,CT
0017.  Sullivan, Bridget F 21y S Ireland, Cahirciveen,  fath Patrick Sullivan, sis Nora Lynch,569 Myrttle ave, Bridgeport,CT
0026.  O'NeIL, Nora F 21y S Ireland,Cahirciveen, fath Felix O NeIL, Bridgeport,CT, sis Nellie O NeIL, 2080 North ave, Bridgeport,CT

Carmania May 12, 1912 Queenstown
0009.  Murphy, Daniel M 23y S Ireland, British Cahirciveen,fath Daniel Murphy,bro Mich Murphy, 187 Hamilton st,hartford,CT
0030.  Shea, Bridget F 23y S Ireland, British Cahirciveen,fath Peter SHea,Uncle david Barry,22 Jackson place,WILimantic,CT

The Oceanic ,May 16, 1912 Queenstown
0003.  Cooper, Sarah F 18y S British, Irish Caherciveen,fath Tim Cooper,Valentia,sis Bridget Cooper,2200 North ave,Bridgeport,CT
0012.  Sullivan, John M 21y S British, Irish Caheniveen,fath James Sullivan, cunanniheen,caherciveen,bro Patrk,1502 Batis st,Indianapolis
0016.  Keating, Catherine F 20y S British, Irish Caheniveen, fath Pat Keating,Ballard,sis Mary Keating,575 Batis st,Indianapolis
0017.  O Connor, Daniel M 19y S British, Irish Caheniveen, fath Jerm O Connor,Eigherua,sis Mrs Johanna Mahony,111 East 119st,NY

Baltic Sep 21, 1912 Queenstown
0013.  Barry, John M 34 S Irish Cahucivien,fath Patrk Barry,Horse Island,Uncle WILiam Conway,2349 Flourmoy ST,Chicago,IL
0020.  Connell, Bridie F 17 S Irish Cahenciveen,fath Patrick,Ballinskelligs,sis Minnie,6017 Storton place,st louis,Mi

Mauretania, Sep 27, 1912 Queenstown
0012.  Daly, Julia F 26y S British, Irish Calairciser,fath Denis Daly,Islandboy,cous john daly 74 bleach st,NY
0019.  Daly, Mary F 20y S Britain, Irish Cahric...,   fath Denis Daly,Islandboy,cous john daly 74 bleach st,NY

The Baltic  ,OCT 19, 1912
0027.  Franfield, Bridget F 33y S ,Irish,fath Thomas Grandfield,ahaneboy,sis Alice Grandfield,283 west? st,NY
0028.  Dennehy, Michael M 22y S ,Irish Cahuciveen,bro Patrk Dennehy,sis Mrs E Tynan/Tyrian,283 west? st,NY
0029.  Dineen, Maggie F 19y S Irish fath Florence DILon,???nlean/glanleam,Valentia, sis ? Dinneen,milton point rye,NY
0030.  Murphy, MaryAnn F 21y S, Irish Cahuciveen,fath John Murphy,East ballyhearney,cous Alice Grandfield,283 west? st,NY

Baltic,OCT 19, 1912 Queenstown
0026.Leary, Ellen F 24y S, Irish fath John Leary,Kinnard wst,Ballinskelligs,sis Mrs John ReILy,New Haven ,CT

Baltic,OCT 19, 1912 Queenstown
0003.Murphy,Mary F 25y S,fath Danl Murphy, Irish Ballinskelligs,Bro Michl Murphy,29 Chadwick Ave,Hartford,CT Ireland
0020.Sheehan, Kate F 26y S,fath Michl Sheehan,Caherciveen,watervIL?cous ? Dennehy,74 Beach s,New York

Celtic,Apr 26, 1913 Queenstown
 0001.  Corcoran, Bridget F 18y S Ireland,Caherciveen, fath Tim Corcoran,cappawee,Aunt Nellie Sullivan, 188 Gold Spring st, New Haven,CT

Celtic,April 26, 1913 Queenstown
0003.  Moriarty, Brgt. F 20y S Ireland, Irish Portmagee,mother Mary Moriarty,dogmount,bro Florence Moriarty,18 castle st, New Haven,CT
0015.  Shea, Nora F 19y S British, Irish Portmagee,, fath John Shea sis K Noonan, 36 dukely avo,new london,CT
0016.  Murphy, John M 20y S British, Irish Portmagee, fath John widower ,bro Patrick, 73 belton st,new london,CT
0017.  Connell, John M 21y S claims U. S. born Portmagee, fath John ,cousin Ellie ,223 whally avi, New Haven,CT

The Cedric, May 03, 1913 Queenstown
0018.  Murphy, John M 20y S ,fath John Murphy,Emlaghpeiste,bro Patrk Murphy,73 Beldon St,New London,CT

The Caronia , May 04, 1913 Queenstown
0010.  Connor, Denis M 21y S , Irish Cahircween,fath Micheal Connor,Toorsaleen,sis Hannah Connor,11E 19th st,NY 
0011.  Murphy, Mary F 22y S , Irish Cahircween,fath Thom Murphy,Aliheemore,Uncle John Fogarty, 82 Loomis st,Chicago,IL
0012.  Fogarty, Ellen F 21y S , Irish Cahircween,fath Pat Fogarty,Cloon,Uncle John Fogarty, 82 Loomis st,Chicago,IL
0013.  Sullivan, Margart F 21y S , Irish Cahircween,fath Philip Sullivan,Coom,sis Julia Sullivan,1140 S Springfield,Chicago,IL

Caronia ,May 04, 1913 Queenstown
0004.  Goggin, Thomas M 24y S , Irish Cahirciveen, fath John W Goggin,Ballinskelligs,bro Jas Goggin,65 W cort st,New London,CT
0005.  McCarthy, Michael M 24y S , Irish Cahirciveen, fath Mich ,Emlaghmore  sis Mrs Murray,57 Wren Chase?, Bridgeport,CT
0006.  McCarthy, Ellie F 20y S , Irish Cahirciveen, fath John ,Doora,sis Bridget Farrell,92 Oak st, Bridgeport,CT
0021. Sugrue, Debbie F 20y S , Irish Cahirciveen,mother Ellen Sugrue,Ballinskelligs,sister Miss M Sugrue, 268 Cherry st,nangatuck,CT
0022.  Griffin, Bridget F 20y S, Irish Cahirciveen, father Micheal Griffin,Doora, sis Mary Griffin, 11johnson st,waterbury,CT
0023.  Murphy, Katie F 19y S , Irish Cahirciveen,  mother Mary Murphy,bealow,caher cous Johanna O Sullivan,508 west 142 st,NY
0024.  Sullivan, Hannah F 20y S , Irish Cahirciveen, father John Sullivan,scarrif,caherciveen cous Mary Garvey,1186 W 15st,Chicago,IL
0025.  Shea, John M 26y S , Irish Cahirciveen,father Mich Shea,direen, cous Daniel Casey, W 15st,chicago,
0026.  SpILane, Michael M 24y S , Irish Cahirciveen,Danl SpILane, Sussa  bro John SpILane,245 Attic st, Bridgeport,CT
0027.  Connell, Johanna F 20y S , Irish Cahirciveen,father Denis Connell,bawnteen,sis Debbie 612 Park ave,bridgeport  
0028.  Fogarty, Deborah F 20y S, Irish Cahirciveen,father Michl Fogarty,cloon,bro Danl fogarty 271 Hudson st,NY
0029.  Sugrue, Daniel M 22y S , Irish Cahirciveen,mother Kate Sugrue, cools bro John Sug,64 ridge st,Waterbury,CT

Baltic May 10, 1913 Queenstown
0012. Morley, Helena F 18 S fath James Morley,Caherciveen,sis Catherine ,15 Monroe Place,NY,
0019. Devine, Denis M 19 S moth Mary ,Doora,Portmagee,Cahereincen bro Micheal, 571 Mrytle Ave,Bridgeport,CT

Baltic, May 10, 1913 Queenstown
 0005.  Moran, Bridget F 6y S Irish Caherciveen,fath Patrk Moran,cappawes,cous Mary O Connell,829 Park AVe,Bridgeport,CT
 0006.  Murphy, John M 18 S Irish Caheriween moth Cath Murphy,Carhan sister Mary Murphy,57 JOnes Ave,Bridgeport,CT
 0007.  Daly, Timothy M 23 S Irish Caheriween fath Corn Daly,kILurly,bro Patrick DAly,169 Perry st,NY
0029.  Shea, John M 26 S British Irish Caheriween fath Tim Shea,Fermoyle,cous Patk Fogarty,231 East 53 W st,NY
 0030.  King, James M 21 S British Irish Caheriween moth Mrs Mary King,Bro Tim King,6 Green st, Hartford,CT

The MAURETANIA,May 16, 1913
0005.  Clifford, WILiam M 23y S -Irish moth Mrs Cath Clifford,Teeromoyle,Cahireween,bro Tim Clifford,6615  0001.  Driscoll, Marie F 21y S
0029.  Sugrue, John M 20y S -Irish fath Tim Sugrue,Mortmahore,aghatubrid, Cahirciveen,bro Pat SUgrue,360 East Broadway,Butte mont
0030.  Bradley, Catherine F 20y S-Irish fath James Bradley,Farranahow,Aghatubrid, Cahirciveen,sis Mary Bradley,212 Verrus?unt Av,Detroit,Mich

Carmania May 25, 1913
0023.Connell,Daniel M 26y S,Irish,moth Mary Connell,Corabeg,Cahircireen,bro john connell,44 :roton st,Bridgeport,CT
0024.Shea, Denis M 24y S , Irish fath Thos Shea Cool,Cahirciveen,sis Julia o neIL,94 Lynchop? st,New London,CT

The Campania , Jun 14, 1913 Queenstown
 0025.  Golden, Patrick M 29 y S Cabirciveen, Ireland moth Julia Casey,Eastend Cahirciveen,sis Ellie Golden,2157 Hamboldaf ford,Chicago,IL

The Carmania Jun 22, 1913 Queenstown
0025 Sullivan, Pat M 45y M, Irish Portmagee,cous Pat Driscoll,Portmagee,sis Mrs McDonnell, 165 Druins Ave,Port chester,NY

Sep 13, 1913
0007.Sullivan, Annie F 18y S ,Irish fath Martin Sullivan,Sussa,Emlaghmore,Caherciveen,sis Miss Sullivan,751? washington st,NY

Caronia,Sep 17, 1913 Queenstown
0013.  Sugrue, Maggie F 22y S Irish moth Norah Sugrue,beenbone WatervILe,sis Mrs johanna Sullivan,11 Liberty st, Hartford,CT

Carmania,OCTober 01, 1913
0002.Moriarty, Mary E. F 20y S,Irish Cahersiveen,fath Morty Moriarty,kilmakerin,caherciveen, mich moriarty,26 Madison st,NY
0003.Morrissey, Michael U                           same
0004.Morrissey, Margaret F                          same
0005.Sullivan, Julia F 18y S,Irish Cahersiveen, ,moth Julia Sullivan,Cools, sis Ellie O'Sullivan,160 W 15th st,NY
0007.Connor, WILiam M 26y S,Irish Cahersiveen,fath  Tim Connor,Cools,Valentia, bro JOhn Connor,126 Madison st,NY

Carmania, OCT 01, 1913 Queenstown
0030.  Moran, Debbie F 20y S,Irish fath John Moran Ballinskelligs,aunt Mrs  Sullivan,48 ReachaIL,N London & NY

Majestic (1890)  OCT 09, 1913 Queenstown
0004.  King, Nora F 45y W Irish Cahiricveen,sis Mrs Kelly,sussa,emlaghmore,dau Mrs Ahearne,251 W 25th st,NY
 0005.  King, Nellie F 20y S Irish Cahericveen,sis
 0006.  King, Maurice M 11y S Irish Cahericveen, sis

Cedric ,April 18, 1914
0001.O'Connell, Bridget F 20y S,Irish,fath Mich O'Connell,Chapeltown sis Mary O'Connell,251 West 92nd st,NY
0002.Murphy, Julia F 17y S, Irish fath John Murphy, ballyhearney cous Ellen Brennan, 105 West 38th st,NY
0003.Murphy, Patrick M 25y S Irish fath John Murphy, ballyhearney sister Mrs O Malley,261 Cal,San FRan
0004.McCarthy, Charles M 28y S Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mary McCarthy,Portmagee,bro John McCarthy,51 Worchester st,Hartford,CT

Cedric,,April 18, 1914 Queenstown
0028.  Murphy, John M 27y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath John Murphy,ducallow,ballinskelligs,CT Julia s, 2 ...ester, Hartford,CT 
0029.  Murphy, Katie F 26y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Mich Murphy,corabeg,Ellie ...ivan 105 east 38th,NY

Baltic May 02, 1914 Queenstown
0010.  Shea, John M 23y S British, Irish Caheraveen, Ireland, bro Corn SHea,309 w.33rd st,NewYk
0011.  Murphy, John M 20y S British, Irish Caheraveen, Ireland,aunt Nora King, 219 w 66 st,NY
0012.  Sugrue, Denis M 22y S British, Irish Caheraveen, Ireland,bro John Sugrue,53 Fuller st,waterbury CT
0013.  Sullivan, John M 29y S British, Irish Caheraveen, Ireland,sister Mrs O Dea,2502 North Sawyer Ave,Chicago, IL

The Baltic , OCT 16, 1914 Queenstown
0006. Kelliher, Margaret F 24y S British, Irish,moth Mary Kelliher,kilflynn,tralee,bro in law Alec Langell,STaten isl.NY
0007. Sullivan, Johanna F 26y S British, Irish,fath Martin Sullivan,EMlaghmore,aunt Miss hannah O NeIL,35 Colonel Ave west,New \brighton,NY
0008. Murphy, Mary F 22y S British, Irish Caherciveen,moth Mary Murphy,beelow,Uncle Alex Langell,35 Colonel Ave west,New \brighton,NY

Megantic,December 10, 1914 Liverpool
0005.GranvILe, Patrick M 24y S,Portmagee, ,moth Mary GranvILe,aghadda,portmagee cuos John O'Leary,265 state st,bridgeport,CT
0006.Moviarty, Denis M 22Y S,Cahireiveen, ,Moth Mary Moriarty,dogmount,portmagee, bro Florence Moriarty, 398 Blakely Ave,  New Haven,CT
0007.O'Leary, Patrick M 22Y S,Cahireiveen, Fath Corn O'Leary,aghadda,portmagee , bro John O'Leary,265 state st,bridgeport,CT
0008.Dineen, Daniel M 21Y S,Cahireiveen, ,Father Micheal Dineen,dogmount, bro Martin Dineen,398 Blerkely Ave, New Haven,CT

Philadelphia, Apr 08, 1915 Liverpool
0006. Murphy, WILiam M 28y S,Irish moth Mrs Mary Murphy,Rienergh,WatervILe,bro John Murphy,95 Wadsworth st,Hartford,CT

New York,Apr 25, 1915 Liverpool
0002.  Foley, Jeremiah M 18y S , Irish Cahircireen,fath Jeremiah Foley,Kilkeveragh,sis Mary Foley,62E 80th NY
0016.  Sullivan, Martin M 21y S, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Patk Sullivan,Ballinskelligs,cous Mary Sullivan,1405 Squirrel hIL,Pitsburg,PA
0017.  Sullivan, James M 21y S , Irish Cahirciveen,fath Flor SUllivan,Meeliguleen,cous Mary Sullivan,1405 Squirrel hIL,Pitsburg,PA

Megantic,Apr 30, 1915 Liverpool
 0024.  Connell, Bridget F 19y S Irish WatervILe,bro John Connell,spukane,Aunt Mrs Walsh,1475 1st Ave,Terre Haute,Indiana
 0029.  Fitzpatrick, Timothy M 22y S U.K., Irish WatervILe,fath Corn Fitzppatrick,spukane sis Miss Debbie Fitzpatrick,HILside AveEnglewood,NJ

The Transylvania  , May 04, 1915 Liverpool
0004.O'Connell,Michael M 30y S Irish,Cahirciveen,,cous Brigid Mahony,mountluke, sis Mary O'Connell,36 Muddlebough,New Port,R.I

The Transylvania ,May 04, 1915 Liverpool
0015.  Clifford, Margaret F 30y S Irish,fath Tim Clifford,doughIL,caherciveen,sis CAth Clifford,93 Oak st,Boston, USA
 0016.  Murphy, Ellie F 20y S Irish,fath Thomas Murphy,Allaghee,Cahircween,uncle John Fogarty,7195 In??amen?chicago.IL
 0017.  Sullivan, James M 20y S Irish,fath Mich Sullivan,the glen,sis Mrs Nellie O Connell,156 Myrtle AVe,Bridgeport,CT
 0018.  Kelly, Michael M 23y S Irish,fath Mich Kelly,sussa,Cahircween,sis Mary Kelly,44 ?th?61 s,Fithburg,MA
 0019.  McCrotxan, Deborah F 25y S Irish,fath Pat McCroahn,Boola,Cahircween,sis Mrs Fogarty,536 Atlantic st,bridgeport,CT 
 0020.  Siegerson, Ellie F 19y S Irish,moth Mary Sigerson,Kinnard,sis Bridget Sigerson,6804 Washington Rox,Chicago,IL
 0021.  Fogarty, Katie F 19y S Irish,fath Patk Fogarty,Cloon, Uncle JOhn Fogarty/mary,719 south 60 third ave,Chicago,IL
 0022.  O'Sullivan, Katie F 20y S Irish,fath Philip o SUllivan,Coom,Cahircween,Uncle wm casey,1147 springsfield ave,Chicago,IL
 0023.  Murphy, Cornelius M 19y S Irish,gmoth Mary Divane,doora,sis Nora Murphy,42 Summit Ave,New London,CT
 0024.  Shea, Daniel M 19y S Irish,sis Mary shea,Portmagee,Brot ??hl SHea,157 Robin st,Waterbury,CT
 0025.  Shea, Michael M 22y S Irish,fath Tim SHea,lative, sis Hannah Shea, 53 Granite st,New London,CT
 0026.  SpILane, Daniel M 23y S Irish,fath Dan SpILane,sussa,bro John SpILane, 805 Artic St,Bridgeport,CT
 0027.  Murphy, Thomas M 24y S Irish,fath WILiam Murphy,Cooil,Cahircween,bro Jos Murphy,44 12st,New London,CT
 0028.  Devine, Katie F 20y S Irish,fath John Devine,doora,sis Mrs Mary Murphy,216 Yaushall st,New London,CT
 0029.  O'NeIL, Jeremiah M 25y S fath Thos O Neil,letter,Cahirciveen,Unc Pat O'NeIL,Lennon,Mich

The Cymric May 15, 1915 Liverpool
 0013.  Golden, Abbie F 36y S British, Irish Cahiraveen,sis Mrs Norah Clifford,kILurley west,sis Mrs Bgt Hennessy,140 Mivaine Rd,South Boston
 0014.  Hennesey, Florence F 10y S America, American Cahiraveen,                              moth
 0015.  Hennesey, Gertrude F 11y S America, American Cahiraveen,                             moth

Philadelphia, Jun 03, 1915 Liverpool
0017.Murphy, Michael M 22y S,gmother Mary Devane,Doorah,Portmagee,sis Mary Murphy,64 Huntington st,New London,CT
0018.Leary, Florence M 21y S,fath Cornelius O'Leary,aghadda,portmagee,bro John Leary,705 Artic st,bridgeport,CT

Orduna,Jun 14, 1915 Liverpool
 0006.  Clifford, Mary F 27y S , Irish Caherciveen, fath Jas Clifford mountluke,cous Miss Nora,Keating,372 Huntington Ave,New Lon,CT
 0009.  O'Connell, Bridie F 25y S Irish,fath Maurice O'Connell,inchantreagh#cous Jos Keating,99 keywood ave,fitchburg,MA

Orduna, Jun 14, 1915 Liverpool
0008.  Clifford, Mary F 37y S Irish /sis J? Clifford ,?  lake/luke,Caherciveen, cous Miss Hannah keating,272? Huntington st,New London,CT
0010.  Divane, Daniel M 18y S Irish moth Mrs  May Divane,Doora,Portmagee,Bro Micheal Divane,36 West Ave, Bridgeport,CT

The Philadelphia,June 27, 1915 Liverpool
0030.Sullivan, John M 24y S,Irish Fermoyle, blacksmith,father DanielSullivan,fermoyle ,sister Minnie Sullivan,579 Smith st, R.I,Providence

Saint Louis,OCT 14, 1915 Liverpool
0030.Sugrue, Maggie F 23y S,Irish fath Timothy Sugrue,tullig,ahatubrid,Cahevaieen,sis Mary Sugrue,160 Homestaed ave,Hartford,CT

Saint Paul, Nov 22, 1915 Liverpool
0017.O'Connell, Mary F 25y S,Irish fath Maurice Oconnell,ballinskelligs sis KatieO'Connell,805 st Ronanst,New Haven,CT

The Saint Paul OCT 24, 1915 Liverpool
0003.  Connell, Daniel M 22y S,Irish,fath John Connell,beenbane,watervILe,sis Nora Connell,insane hospital,Indianapolis,Ind

Saint Paul,November 22, 1915 Liverpool
0020.  Moriarty, Florence M 19y S , Irish Cahercween, father Micheal Moriarty meeligullen, bro Patrick Moriarty,bridgeport,CT

New York,Nov 28, 1915 Liverpool
0001.Leary, Kate F 25Y S,fath John Leary,Kinnard wst,Ballenskellig, sis Nellie Leary,,new haven,CT

The St Louis,May 21, 1916 Liverpool 
0015.  Shea, LILie F 22y S British Irish Cahireiveen,fath Jerm Shea,High st,Cous mary sullivan,90 dorchester st,worchester,MA
0016.  Sullivan, Julia F 20y S British Irish Cahireiveen, fath john sullivan,kilagurteen,sis Mary sullivan,74 maple st,roxbury,MA
0017.  Curran, Mary F 19y S British Irish Cahireiveen,fath Dan Curran.dunhegan,aunt mary burns,winchester ave,new haven,CT
0018.  Murphy, Hannah F 21y S British Irish Cahireiveen,fath john murphy,emlaghpeste,bro Patrk Murphy,188 Highland Ave,Malden,Boston,MA
0019.  Mahoney, Ma... F 17y S British Irish Cahireiveen,fath james mahoney,ardcost,Aunt Miss O Neil,8 spring st,norwich,CT

The St. Louis, May 21, 1916 Liverpool 
0005.Leary, Katie F 20y S,fatH Cornelius O'Leary,aghadda,portmagee,Caherciveen,sis Nellie Leary,372 State st,brideport,CT

The ST. LOUIS, May 21, 1916 Liverpool 
0012 Shanaghan,Catherine,F, 23y S,fath Maurice Shanaghan,Portmagee,sis Margt Shanahan,336 Humphery st,New Haven,CT

The Philadelphia ,Jun 11, 1916 Liverpool
0011.  Murphy, Katie F 22y S  Irish Cahirciveen,granmother Mrs Mary Divane,Portmagee, Bro Cornelius Murphy,New London,CT    born=E/Bawn?een
0012.  Kennedy, Julia F 22y S  Irish Cahirciveen,fath Thomas Kennedy,Lohir,sis Katherine Kennedy,1737 Princeton Ave,Chicago,IL,lative

The PHILADELPHIA ,Jun 11, 1916 Liverpool
0011.Sullivan,Julia F 20y 6m S Irish fath J Sullivan,KILagurteen,watervILe,sis Ms MOSUllivan,74 Maplest,Roxbury,MA
0012.Curran, Mary F 19y S Irish ,fath Daniel Curran,Dungegan,Aunt Mary Durus?,629 Michelin AVe,New Haven,CT  
0013. Mahoney, Mamie F 17y S Irish fath James Mahoney,Ardcost,Aunt \mrs O Reid,80 Spring sts,Norwich,CT
0014. Shanahan, Catharine F 23y S fath Maurice Shanaghan,Portmagee,sis Margt Shanahan,336 Humphery st,New Haven,CT
0015. Lynch, Katie F 20y S Irish fath James LYnch,masterguihy,Doora,sis Beatrice Shea,Moulgoney st,Chicago
0016. McGILicuddy, Katie F 23y S Irish fath Tim McGILycuddy, Lohar,watervILe,AUnt Mary Kennedy,374 Hampden St,Holyoke,MA

The St. Louis ,Sep 09, 1916 Liverpool
0001.  Murphy, Kate F 20y S ,moth Mrs katherine Murphy,Carhan,Irish Cahirciveen, sis Miss Mary Murphy,649 Clinton AVe,Bridgeport,CT
0002.  Sugrue, Margaret F 22y S ,Irish,moth Mrs Mary Sugrue,Ohermong,Cahirciveen,sis Miss Kate Sugrue,Prides Crossing,Boston,MA
0003.  McCarthy, Mary F 21y S Irish,fath Jeremiah McCarthy,laharan, Cahirciveen,
0004.  Barry, Bridget F 20y S Irish,moth Mrs Barry,carravILeen,kilcrohane CarravILeen, Aunt Mrs M? Barry,421 E 5st,Cincinnatti
0005.  O'NeIL, Norah F 20y S Irish,moth Mrs Mary O NeIL,guraanebawn,CaHirciveen,cous Mrs Bridget SHea,New York

The Philadelphia,OCT 01, 1916 Liverpool
0020.Shea, Mary F 19y S Irish,fath John Shea,Sussa,bro Micheal Shea,366 Gauswoost st,NY
0026.Kelly, Julia F 22y W Irish fath Patrk Kelly,Sussa, sis Mary Kelly,61 Seluii st,Fitchburg,MA
0027.Coffey, Kathleen F 20y S ,Irish,fath John Coffey,tullie, Cahereween, Uncle Maurice Coffey,847I 64 Place,Chicago,IL
0028.Sugrue, Bridget F 23y S ,Irish fath Mich SUgrue,WatervILe,cous John O NeIL,122W 109st New York
0029.Carey, Debbie F 20y S, Irish fath Maurice Carey,moulnahone,Cahereween, sis Mary Carey 2542 I 86 St Cleveland,Ohio

The Celtic ,May 07, 1920 Liverpool
0008.O'Connell, Michael M 26 S Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mrs Julia O'Connell,sussa,Uncle,Capt J.O'Connell,Police dep,Bridgeport,CT

Mauretania ,May 16, 1920 Southampton
0004.Connell, Hanna F 21y S Irish,Hkeeper,fath Ptk Connell,Old Road,Cahirciveen,sis Miss Minnie Connell,3917 Tourmoy st,Chic,IL
0005.Clifford, Cathrine F 21y S Irish,fath Mich Clifford,Gleensk Kells,Cahirciveen,sis Miss M Clifford,5530 Hyde Pk:Blvd,Chicago,IL

Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria,June 05, 1920 Queenstown
0003.McCarthy, Hannie F 19y S Irish,Cahirciveen,Aunt Mrs Mary Sulllivan,granafulla,mastergiuhy,Unc WILiam McCarthy,7 Euston Rd,Worchester,MA
0024.Moran, Birdie F 20y S Irish,Ballinskelligs,father John Moran,boolakeel,ballinskelligs,sis Norah Moran,360 East,139th ST,NY
0014.Moriarty, Margaret F 22y S Irish,Caherciveen,father Mortimer Moriarty,kilmakerin,caherciveen,sis Mary O Connor,57 Circuit St,Roxbury, MA

Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria,Jun 05, 1920 Queenstown
 0014.  Dennehy, James M 21y S Irish, British Cahirviceen, cous Ellie Kelly, Springfield,MA

The Baltic  ,Jun 18, 1920 Queenstown
0014.Murphy, Mary F 36y 9m S , Irish Caherciveen,moth Mrs Murphy,Heighnane,Valentia,sis Mrs Nora Mckilop,367 Dover st,Bridgeport,CT

Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria, July 12, 1920 Queenstown 
0012.Moriarty, Julia F 21y S Irish Cahirciveen, moth Mrs Julia Moriarty,aghatubrid,sis Miss Cath Moriarty,7,monks st,sth Boston,MA,
0013.Dennehy, James M 21y S, Irish Cahirciveen fath Tim Dennehy,granafulla,masterguihy,cous Ellie Kelly,124,Mulberry st,springfield,MA,
0014.O'Connor, Nora F 26y S,Irish,Cahirciveen, ,fath Jere O’Connor,eighterua,watervILe ,Sis Miss DeliaOConnor c/o Mrs Mc lean,445 west 7th,NY
0015.Dennehy, Michael M 23navan, bro Pat Daly,captain no 5 ,fire station,houston,texas
 0017.  Sullivan, John M 22y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Johanna Sullivan,tarmons,watervILe, sis Mrs ASnnie Kennedy,47 chiltonst,boston,MA
 0018.  Walsh, Katie F 27y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Kate Walsh,castlequin,sis mrs Mary Brennan,91 glendale ave,northampton,MA
 0019.  O'Connor, Nora F 21y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Denis O Connor,reahIL,aunt Mrs Mary Marlow,1 Aldrich st,northampton,MA
 0020.  Murphy, Ellen F 21y S British, Irish Aughamore,bro Thomas Murphy,cloongoonagh,aughamore,bro Micheal Murphy,2311 shars wood st,PA
 0021.  Sugrue, Daniel M 35y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mary Sugrue,curragh,bro James SUgrue,72 w 98th st,NY

The CELTIC , Jul 17, 1920 Queenstown
0025.Connell,Timothy M 26y S,Irish fath Mich Connell,Emlaghmore,Cahirciveen,sis Mrs Julia Connell,16 Henry St,Hartford,CT
0026.Connor,Julia F 19y S Irish fath Mich Connor,Boulikeel,Ballinskelligs,sis Mrs CAth Busch,3514 Bowsworth ave,Chicago,IL

The Caronia  Jul 19, 1920 Queenstown
0023.  Daley, Minnie F 22y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Tim Daley,sussa,emlaghmore,Mrs Julia Daly,37 Broad st,New London,CT

Jul 19, 1920 Queenstown
0013.  Sullivan, Patrick M 26y S , Irish Caherdaniel,fath Gerry Sullivan,behihane,castlecove,Aunt Mrs Ellen Sullivan,19 Valley Ext,WILimantic,CT
0014.  Sullivan, John M 24y S , Irish Caherdaniel,fath Gerry Sullivan,behihane,castlecove ,Aunt Mrs Ellen Sullivan,19 Valley Ext,WILimantic,CT
0023.  Sullivan, Daniel M 23y S , Irish Cahireiveen,moth Ellen Sullivan,Teernahilta,kells,Miss AgnesSullivan,4630 Grand Block,Chicago,IL

Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria, Aug 09, 1920 Queenstown
0007.DILon, Bartholomew M 19 S Irish Cahirciveen, fath Patrk DILon,Kenneigh,Aghatubrid P.O, moth Mrs Bessie Fenton,972 Amsterdam Ave,NY

Caronia ,August 15, 1920 Queenstown
0009.O'Connell, Maggie F 21y S,Irish,fath James O' Connell,kILurley,Ballinskelligs,sis Miss M O'Connell,131 West,85th st,NY

Caronia ,August 15, 1920 Queenstown
 0021.  Connell, Katie F 22y S, Irish Cahirciveen, uncle John Driscoll,gurrane,portmagee, Aunt miss Julia Connell,11 redwood st,new port,R.I 

Carmania,Sep 22, 1920 Queenstown
0007.  Sullivan, Timothy M 22y S Irishbro James Sullivan,granafulla,cahirciveen,sis Miss Mollie Sullivan,413 west,17th st,NY
0008.  Sugrue, Julia U         NOTHING Written
0009.  Sullivan, May F 26y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,fath Pat SUllivan,laharan sth,bro John Sullivan,153 west,98th st,NY
0010.  Sullivan, Birdie F 25y S, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mrs Sullivan,coonana,bro John Sullivan,153 west,98th st,NY
0011.  Sullivan, Katie F 22y S , Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mrs Sullivan,coonana, bro John Sullivan,153 west,98th st,NY
0012.  Shea, Katherine F 35y S British,New Port, USA ,Irish,aunt Mrs O COnnell,Begnis Is,cous Miss May SHea,149 west,126th st,NY,

Baltic,OCT 01, 1920 Queenstown
0017.  Sugnie, Michael M 26y S ,Irish,fath Mich Sugrue,bonbane, WatervILe,sis Miss Bridie Sugrue,14? west 9th st,New York City
0018.  Sullivan, Patrick M 20y S Irish fath Patk Sullivan,Tarmons,WatervILe,sister Mrs J Rebel,591 Srping st,Buffalo,NY

The BALTIC  OCT 01, 1920 Queenstow
0020.Connell,Mary F 42y W,Irish,fath Michael Carey,Kenneigh,aghatubrid,cous Miss Helen Coffey,135 Union st,WILiamantic,CT
0021.Carey,Katherine F 30y S Irish,"     "             "                 "                   "

Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria, OCT 03, 1920 Queenstown
0014.Keating, Mary F 20y S,Irish fath Jeremiah Keating,Renard,Cahirciveen,cous Louis Kenna,417 North St,Chicago,IL
0024.Lynch, Debora F 22y S,Irish fath James Lynch,Doora,masterguihy,Caherciveen,sis Cath Lynch,60 Moore St,Chicopee,M

Carmania,OCT 17, 1920 Queenstown
0007.  Sullivan, John M 21y S British, Irish Cahireiveen,bro James Sullivan,granafulla,mastergeehy,cous D. Walsh,413 West 17th,NY
0008.  Sullivan, Mary F 24y S British, Irish Cahireiveen,fath Mich Sullivan,ardcost,cous May A Sugrue,74 Park st,WILimantic,CT

The CARMANIA,OCT 17, 1920 Queenstown
0002.Murphy,Alice F 23y S Irish moth Johanna Murphy,Cooil west,Valentia,bro Mich Murphy,94 West 103h st,NY

The Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria,Nov 12, 1920
01 Sullivan,James,M,24,S,fath micheal sullivan,doorah,bro Thomas Sullivan, 4081 WILcox Ave,Chicago,IL

The Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria,Nov 12, 1920
0009.Murphy,Jeremiah M 21y S,Irish Cahireiveen,fath John Murphy,Duchalla,Ballinskelligs,sis Julie Hennessey,43 Green St,Hartford,CT

Baltic,Nov 12, 1920 Queenstown
0011.  Sugrue, Mary F 24y S , Irish Cahirciveen,fath john sugrue,ichinware,watervILe,bro Mich sugrue,107 char??on st,NYcity,NY
0012.  Sullivan, Bridie F 23y S , Irish Cahirciveen,fath tim sullivan,agthatubrid,sis Mary Sullivan,?85 Lexington AVe,Brooklyn,NY

The Kaiserin Augusta ViCToria,Nov 12, 1920
0024.Dennehy, James M 25y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mary Dennehy,Granafulla,mastergeehy,sis Mrs O Brien,24 ConneCTion st,Newport,R.I
0025.Sullivan, Jeremiah M 33y S British, Irish Castlecove,moth Mary Sullivan,Castlecove,bro James Sullivan,235 Fountain ave,Brooklyn,NY
0030.Sullivan, Eileen F 20y S British, Irish Sneem,fath John L O'Sullivan,drimnamore,sneem, sis Theresa Sullivan,63 Marlborough st,boston, MA

The Carmania ,November 20, 1920 Queenstown
0016.O'Connell, Bridget F 22y S,Irish,moth Abbie O'Connell,Tooreens,glenmore,watervILe,,sis Julia O'Connell,184 Livingston Ave,New Haven,CT

The Carmania  ,Nov 20, 1920 Queenstown
0019.  Shea, Mollie F 18y S British, Irish Cahirciveen,fath James OShea,Clahanelinehan,Unc Dan Casey,r.f.d.4,falmouth forseside,portland
 0020.  Sullivan, Josephine F 21y S British, Irish fath Martin Sullivan,sussa,emlaghmore,P.O,Ballinskelligs,sis Mrs Walsh,430 West 18th st,NY

The Celtic, Dec 03, 1920 Queenstown 
0004.Shea,Nora F 25y S,Irish Cahirciveen,bro Danl SHea,Coonastow,Aghatubrid,sis Mrs Joseph Moriarty,325 Whippe st,Chicago,IL
0016.Sullivan,Bridget F 21y S,Irish fat Patrk Sullivan,Meeliguleen,Emlaghmore,sis Nora Sullivan,5449 Albemarole st,squirell hIL,East End,Pitt,PA
0017.Sullivan, Bridget F 34y W , Irish fath John SUllivan,Goulanes,Sneem,George W Harrington,210 add crossed out,NY*
0018.Sullivan, Eugene M 22y S , Irish ,fath Eugene Sullivan,Carryletter,Bonane,Kenamare,Aunt Mrs Ellen HArrington,925 Jackson Ave,Bronx,Ny
0023.Sullivan, Nora F 19y S  Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mary Sullivan,Reen,Ballinaskeliigs,cous Mary Sullivan,??4 west 18th st,NY
*possibly went??inton st

The Baltic ,Dec 19, 1920 Queenstown
0004.  Murphy, Patrick J. M 28 yrs S uncle Jerh murphy,Oghermongue,caherciveen,cous Miss Hanna Murphy,Donn?er Hotel,Indianpolis,Indiana
0006.  Murphy, Mary F 23 yrs S uncle Jerh murphy,Oghermongue,caherciveen,Indianpolis,Indiana

Carmania,Feb 28, 1921 Queenstown
0005.  Tivinan, Kate F 38y M Irish SomervILe, USA,moth Mrs Mary Kennedy,Pound,Husband James Tivinan,53 Hanson st, SomervILe,MA
0006.  Tivinan, Mary F 6y S  Irish SomervILe, USA ,grandmohter ,fath James Tivinan,53 Hanson st
0009.  O'Connor, Maureen F 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Tim O Connor,east cooil,Valencia,sis Nora OConnor,88 Central Park West,NY
0010.  Connell, Nellie F 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Mich Connell,Pound,Portmagee,cous Mrs James Tivinan,53 Taylor sSomervILe,MA
0011.  Kennedy, Nora F 26y S Irish Cahirciveen,moth Mrs Mary Kennedy,Pound,sis Mrs James Tivinan,53 Taylor st,SomervILe,MA

The CEDRIC Mar 04, 1921
0018.Curran, Katie F 22 y S fath John Curran,Caherdaniel,sis Mrs Galvin,101 West 110 st,NY
0025.Sullivan, Maggie F 36 y S bro John Sullivan,Garrough,Caherdaniel,sis CAth Sheehan,8 Congress AVe,New Haven,CT
0028.Murphy, WILiam M 24 y S fath Thomas Murphy,Ahgeenmore,Ballinskelligs,sis Patrick SHea,4610 Lexington st,Chicago,IL
0029.Sugrue, Patrick M 24 y S fath James Sugrue,Emlaghmore,cous Mrs T Harrington,1162 Sth Springfield Ave,Chicago,IL

Celtic ,Mar 25, 1921 Queenstown
0006.  Clifford, Sheila F 17y S British, Irish Caherdaniel,fath Tim Clifford,glenbeg,sis Katie Clifford, 610 Park Ave,New York city,NY
0016.  Connell, James M 32y S British, Irish Emelaghmore,fath Patrk Connell,Emlaghmore sis Mary Regan,88 4th st,Providence,R.I

The Carmania ,April 08, 1921
0008.O'Connell, Johannah F 18y S,Irish,,father John O'Connell,Corabeg,Valentia Isl, aunt Johannah O'Connell,4 Buckeley Place,New London,CT
0009.O'Connell, Catherine F 32y S , Irish bro mich O'Connell,tr  ave,chicago

 April 24, 1921 Queenstown
 0030.  O'Leary, Bridie F 18y S British, Irish Cahirciveen, Ireland  fath Conrelius O'Leary,aghadda

Cedric,Mar 04, 1921 Queenstown
0014.Carey, John M 19 y S  fath Patrk Carey,Cahirbarnagh,watervILe,Aunt Miss Ellen Carey,box 15 downing worm,Philadelphia

The Cedric , May 09, 1921 Queenstown
0008.  Murphy, John M 24y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath John Murphy,Cool East,Valentia,sis Mrs Johanna Garvey,24 Frazen st,New London,CT

The Cameronia,May 21, 1921 
0006.O'Connell, Matt M 28y S,Irish bro Dan O'Connell,kILelan,caherciveen,bro John O'Connell,138 water st,Fitchburg,MA
0007.O'Connell, Michael M 27y S,Irish bro Dan O'Connell,kILelan,caherciveen,bro John O'Connell,138 water st,Fitchburg,MA

Celtic,August 15, 1921 Queenstown
0005.  Connell, James M 33y S British, Irish Caherciveen,bro Tim Connell,Emlaghmore,Providence,R.I

Cedric,March 20, 1922 Queenstown
0003.Leary, Mary F 25y S Irish Cahirciveen,fath Patk Leary,Ballinahown,Kerry,Uncle Thomas O Leary,1051 Central Ave,Bridegport,CT
0004.Leary, Ellie F 18y S Irish Cahirciveen,Kerry,Uncle Thomas O Leary,1051 Central Ave,Bridegport,CT

Celtic  Apr 24, 1922 Queenstown
0003.  Murphy, Nora F 21y S,Irish,fath John Murphy,Canuig,ballinskelligs,sis Mrs W Mahony,2735 8th AVe,New York City,NY
0017.  O'Driscoll, Alice F 23y S Irish fath Patrk ODriscoll,ballinskelligs,bro timothy ODriscoll,591 Amsterdam Ave,New York City,NY
0020.  O'Grady, Lucy F 18y S Irish uncle Mich OGrady,ballinskelligs,Aunt Mrs J Fisher,172 Maine & windsor PLace,Orange,NY
0030.  Sugrue, Kathleen F 16y S,Irish,fath Patrk Sugrue,Canuig,Ballinskelligs,Aunt Mrs J.P Walsh,25 Green Avenue,Jewett City,CT

The Carmania , May 12, 1922 C O B H (Queenstown)
0026.  O'Connor, Hannah F 23y S Irish Cahirciveen,Moth Mrs Mary Sugrue,Emlaghnamuck,EMlaghmore,P.O,sis Mary O'Connor,8 Stimson, Ave,Providence,RI 

Scythia,May 20, 1922
0008.Griffin, Bridget F 26y S ,moth deborah Griffin,kimego,caherciveen,sis Mrs John Griffin,1570 ,Infantry St, mich,detroit 
0009.Keating, Nora F 32y S, fath Denis Keating,Ohermong,caherciveen,bro John Keating, 177,East 85th St,NY
0010.O'Connell, Katharine F 23y,moth Mary Sullivan,Ohermong, husband Mich O Connell,330, East 126th St,Ny,cahirciveen,N.Y
0013.O'NeIL, Bridie F 21y S,MOTH mARY o nEIL,Gurranearagh,sister Nora O NeIL,44 west 77th St,NY cahirciveen,NY

The BALTIC ,Jun 05, 1922 Liverpool
0015.Murphy,Annie F 48y S Lr. Ballerd, Ireland moth Mrs Murphy,lowe ballard,cumlough P.O,cous Mrs b Murphy,158 East 81st,NY

Baltic,Jul 03, 1922 Queenstown
0016.  Shanahan, Rose F 20y S,Irish fath Maurice Shanaghan,Portmagee,sis Cath 781 Cranze st,New Haven,CT

President Adams Sep 19, 1922 Queenstown
0017.  Clifford, Molly F 22y S Irish Caherciveen,fath John Clifford,Caherciveen,uncle 40 Almont st,Medford,MA

Cedric,OCTober 02, 1922 Queenstown
 0024.O'Shea, Catharine F 21y S Caherciveen,fath Finan OShea,aghatubrid,bro Finan OShea,98 Montgomery st,Chicopee falls,MA
 0025.Carey, Bridget F 24y M Caherciveen,Uncle Mr B moriarty,kilmakerin,aghatubrid, Uncle Tim Moriarty,hadley,MA
0026 Moriarty, Nora F 1...y S  Caherciveen, father Patrick P Moriarty,,kilmakerin,aghatubrid,Uncle Tim Moriarty,hadley,MA

Samaria, Nov 13, 1922 Cobh (Queenstown) -
0001.  Walsh, Daniel M 20y S , Irish,fath Pat Walsh,sussa,emlaghmore, Cahircveen,bro John Walsh,430 West 18th st,NY
0002.  Walsh, Ellie F 19y S , Irish Cahircveen,bro John Walsh,430 West 18th st,NY
0016.  Curran, Hanna F 18y S, Irish, fath Dan Curran,Dungegan, Emlaghmore,sis Mrs Mary O'Brien,666 Trenton Ave,NY,Bronx

Zeeland,August 10, 1923 Southampton
0007.  Moriarty, Bertha F 36Y S   WILimantic, Conn.204 Jackson st,wILimantic
The CARMANIA ,OCT 01, 1923
 0009.  Moriarty, Michael M 22y S British, Irish Portmagee, Aunt Ellie Granfield,605 Amstan ave,NY
  0020.  King, Mary F 21y S ,Irish fath Mich King ,Kilabuona,Portmagee, Aunt Mrs J Hussey,Bridgeport,CT
 0022.  Lyne, Daniel M 24y S,  Irish,fath Patrk Lyne,Ballinaownmore,filemore,bro Tim Lyne,335 S Kilbarne Ave,Chicago,IL

0011.  Sullivan, Nellie F 23y S British, Irish , father Mich Sullivan,ardcost,Portmagee ,sis Minnie Sullivan,430 Wt 10st,New Y

The Celtic,November 01, 1923
0007.McCarthy,Timothy M 25y S,Irish Fermoyle,bro Daniel McGrath,572 Peak ave,bridgeport,CT,Aunt Mrs M Sullivan,glen,faha
0028.O'Connell, Patrick M 21y S,Irish Cahirciveen,bro James O Connell,3443 Hartford st,St Louis,Mo,moth Mrs Bridg O'Connell,ballinskeliigs
0029.O'Connell, Bridget F 26y S,Irish St. Louis,bro James O Connell,3443 Hartford st,St Louis,Mo

America, Sep 07, 1924 Cobh Queenstown
0011.  Murphy, Charles M 25y S I.F.S., Irish Caherciveen,moth Cath Murphy,Carhan,sis Mary Rielly,40 Stafford Ave,CT-bristol

Adriatic,September 22, 1924
0012.  O'Connell,Rev John M 23y S British, Irish father Andrew OConnell,watervILe,glenbeg

Cedric, Sep 29, 1924 COBH Queenstown
0001.Sugrue, Mary F 22y S Irish fath Mr Mich Sugrue,Meeliguleen,Emlaghmore,aunt Kath Sullivan,500 west 122nd st,New York City,NY
0002.Sullivan, Thomas M 24y S Irish fath Dennis Sullivan,Ohermong,Cahirciveen, sis Mary Sullivan,New York City,NY
0022.O'Connell, Nora F 22y S Irish,fath John OConnell,Upper Tennis,Valentia,sis Mrs J O COnnor,32 Woodbridge st,New London,CT

The Scythia OCT 14, 1924 Cobh (Queenstown) 
0013.  Moriarty, Ellie F 23y S Irish moth Julia Moriarty ,aghtaubrid,Cahireiveen, sis Mary Moriarty,310 Breeeeek st,Bost,MA

Baltic,Nov 04, 1924 Queenstown
0003.  Murphy, Patrick M 23y S , Irish Caheroiveen,sis Bridie Murphy,fath Daniel O'Connor,Kimego,Caherciveen,46 East 92nd st,NY City
0015.  O'Connor, Michael M   S , Irish Cahoneiveen, Co. Kerry,Aunt Mrs John Donoghue,Newmarket,Caherciveen,bro John O'Connor

Republic,November 09, 1924 Cobh Queenstown
0008.  Sullivan, James M 25y S I.F.S., Irish ,father J S,moulnamuck,mastergeehy, ,sister Cath Sullivan,316 Fountain st,New haven,CT
0009.  Sullivan, John M 22y S I.F.S., Irish Caherciveen, Ireland ,sister Cath Sullivan,316 Fountain st,New haven,CT
0011.  Sullivan, Mary F 21y S I.F.S., Irish ,father John Sullivan,doorey,Portmagee, aunt mrs C Sugrue,452 Bartlette st,San Francisco

The Republic  Nov 09, 1924 Cobh Queenstown
0002.  Shehan, Michael M 23y S I.F.S., Irish Caherciveen,fath Jer M Shehan,coombaher,masterguihey,sis Mrs Mary Cullane,14? Sprague st,Charleston,MA
0006.  Casey, John M 23y S I.F.S., Irish Caherciveen, moth Mrs Mary Casey,ballyhearney,Valentia,Uncle Pat casey,76 Doos?ter Ave,NY City
0023.  Corcoran, John M 24y S I.F.S., Irish Portmagee,fath Timothy Corcoran,Cappawee,sis Mrs James Hickey,New Haven,CT

The SCYTHIA ,Nov 11, 1924 Queenstown
0004.Connell,John M 27y S,Irish John Connell,Corabeg,Valentia,cous Mich Sullivan,1?5 E,117th st,NY
0005.Healy, Jeremiah M 23y S Irish fath Mich Healy,Corabeg,Valentia,cous Mich Sullivan,1?5 E,117th st,NY
0025.Sullivan, Ellen F 31y S Irish moth Bridget Sullivan,Dungegan,Ballinskelligs,sis Margt Hansen,9 Orne Corner,Chicago,IL
0026.OSullivan, Michael M 32y S Irish,fath Danl OSULiivan,KILognaveen,Canerciveen,sis Mary OSullivan,2 E 100th st,NY
0025 written after this add is 4713 Pianic HIL?

Cedric,Nov 24, 1924 Cobh, Queenstown -
0004.Leary, Cornelius M 23y S ,Irish fath Patrk Leary,Ballinablown,glen,portmagee,sis Ellie Leary,361 New Hall ST,New Haven ,CT

Cedric,November 24, 1924 Cobh, Queenstown -
0015.  Sugrue, Bartholomew M 24y S ,Irish, father James Sugrue,Emlaghmore,PO, bro Pat Sugrue,5101 Lexington St,Chicago,IL
0016.  Sullivan, Denis M 24y S British, Irish, mother Bridg Sullivan,Coom ,Ballinskelligs, sis Marg Sullivan,5253 Lexington St,Chicago,IL

President Roosevelt ,December 08, 1924 Bremen
0025.Sullivan,Mary F 20y S Irish Portmagee,father John Sullivan doora,Aunt mrs C Sugrue, 452 Bartlett st,san francisco,cal
0026.Sugrue, James M 17y S Irish Cahoreivaen,fath pat sugrue canuig,ballinskelligs , aunt mrs jas walsh,25 groon ave,jewett city,Conn

Doric, December 16, 1924 COBH, Queenstown
0014.Sugrue, Bridget F 29y S ,Caherciveen, Ky, Ireland, cous John Moran ,kells sis Katie Sugrue,85 Madison St,NY
0015.Sugrue, Mary F 22y S,Caherciveen, Ky,  father John P Sugrue,Fermoyle PO, cous Minnie O Connell, 5547 Adale st,chicago,IL

The doric,Dec 16, 1924 COBH, Queenstown
0010.Sullivan, Abbie L. F 19y S fath Patk Sullivan,Cooynana,sneem sis Brt Sullivan,25 north st,Everitt,MA

The DORIC , Dec 16, 1924 COBH, Queenstown
0012.Murphy,John M 21y S Glenbeigh,fath Mich Murphy,Reenalagane,glenbeigh,Aunt Kate Tracy,66 Melrose st,Springfield,MA
0015.Murphy,Mary F 26y S fath Tim Murphy,Cahirnamon,Aunt Delia OSullivan,163 East 33rd st,Ny city
0029.O'Connell,Mary F 24y S fath Mich O'Connell,Moulnahone,Athatubrid Post Off,sis Mrs Patk O Hara,226 Amkerste st,Providence,R.I

December 16, 1924 COBH, Queenstown
0014.Sugrue, Bridget F 29y S ,Caherciveen, Ky, Ireland, cous John Moran ,kells sis Katie Sugrue,85 Madison St,NY
0015.Sugrue, Mary F 22y S,Caherciveen, Ky,  father John P Sugrue,Fermoyle PO, cous Minnie O Connell, 5547 Adale st,chicago,IL

The doric,Dec 16, 1924 COBH, Queenstown
0010.Sullivan, Abbie L. F 19y S fath Patk Sullivan,Cooynana,sneem sis Brt Sullivan,25 north st,Everitt,MA

The DORIC , Dec 16, 1924 COBH, Queenstown
0012.Murphy,John M 21y S Glenbeigh,fath Mich Murphy,Reenalagane,glenbeigh,Aunt Kate Tracy,66 Melrose st,Springfield,MA
0015.Murphy,Mary F 26y S fath Tim Murphy,Cahirnamon,Aunt Delia OSullivan,163 East 33rd st,Ny city