Desert War 1940-43 Version 1.5.18

Last Update 17-06-2016: Still working on this! But not updating the website as too much work to do!

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"Of all theatres of operations, it was probably in North Africa that the war took on its most advanced form. The protagonists on both sides were fully motorized formations, for whose employment the flat and obstruction-free desert offered hitherto undreamed-of possibilities. It was the only theatre where the principles of motorized and tank warfare, as they had been taught theoretically before the war, could be applied to the full-and further developed. It was the only theatre where the pure tank battle between major formations was fought." -Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

Desert War 1940-43 is an operational level, land-centric wargame that recreates highlights of the epic tank battles fought between the Axis and Allies for possession of North Africa during WWII. It consists of a series of brief, historical and What-if scenarios that allow the players to explore the ebb and flow of the actual conflict - from the Italian Invasion of Egypt in the summer of 1940 to the Axis surrender in Tunisia in May 1943. Scenarios use stylized maps of portions of North Africa over which a hexagonal grid system has been superimposed to regulate unit placement, movement, and combat. Land, air, and sea forces can all be brought to bear in the game. Land units range in size from platoons to battalions and are represented on the map using icons called "unit counters". Air units and naval units are off-map resources that can be brought into play when the owning player sees fit. Generally speaking, air units represent squadron-sized units for ground attack/support units (9-24 aircraft), or flights of two to four aircraft for air reconnaissance (recce) units. Naval units represent individual ships.

At present, this is a two-player wargame. It can be played Hot Seat or Play by Email (PBEM). In many board and computer wargames, one side will move its units and resolve combat, then the other side will move its units and resolve combat. This game mechanic is known as IGOUGO (aka "I GO U GO"). Desert War 1940-43 is a WEGO computer wargame. A WEGO wargame is one in which the opposing players plot their moves and attacks for the next turn and then the computer reconciles the simultaneous moves and resolves attacks. After the turn is reconciled, an after action review (aka film) of the actual moves and attacks is provided to each player. The film allows the players to see how their orders were carried out (or not) and ends by providing the starting situation for the next turn. Players repeat this process until the number of assigned turns in the scenario has been achieved. At the end of gameplay, the winning side is revealed and the players are provided a film that encompasses all the moves and combats for the entire scenario (with Fog of War turned off).

Desert War 1940-43 includes a game editor. This editor allows the user to modify existing scenarios or create new scenarios from scratch. The user can create new maps, new land, air and sea units. You can modify attack, defense, and movement values; create your own victory point system for locations and units; set turn time scales from hours to years.

Modding graphic files and sound effects is easy in Desert War 1940-43. Most of the graphics files are accessible and can be modified with just about any graphic arts software. All of the sound files are accessible and can be changed/modified as you see fit.

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