Patrick Howard Photography

Patrick Howard was born and grew up in the New Jersey Shore town of Manasquan, where he learned the old ways of photography from his father, a professional specializing in weddings and portraits. After studying some of the finer points more formally, he moved to Galway, Ireland in 1995 and continued to develop his skills. He has since embraced the digital revolution while retaining an affinity for the traditional methods. As comfortable with his Canon digital and laptop, as with his Leica and the darkroom.

The youngest member of a family of photographers, he is considered to be the most artistic of the group, and possseses a keen eye that sees what many others miss. A successful solo exhibition at the Art House Gallery in Tuam in 2005 was followed by him being one of the first winners of Galway West's photography competition.

With a wide range of experience and equipment, he is available for all your photographic needs and will consider all potential commissions. His working style is highly professional yet easy-going, and has a long list of satisfied clients. All the photographs on this site are available as prints directly through Patrick, so simply contact him via the e-mail link on the lower left of each page. Prices vary depending on the photograph, size, quantity, etc...

This site will be updated regularly, so thank you for your visit and come back soon.

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